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The Miraculous Mother of Skill

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2016
Amelie and Leon were sitting at the kitchen table yesterday doing the invites for Leon’s birthday party next week. Amelie was writing in the important information that needed to be right, like the date and time and Mum’s phone number! Leon was writing the person’s name and signing his name.

He was so excited to go to school today and hand out the invites - an 8th birthday party is very special he told me!

Today when Amelie got home from school today she said ‘Do you know Mummy, I know your telephone number off by heart now, after writing all those invitations for Leon yesterday.’

‘That’s the power of repetition!’ I jumped in excitedly. ‘Do you know Amelie, anything that you do over and over again forms an impression on you, whether you’re thinking about it or not. You don’t even have to try, the magic of repetition means that you take it in.’

‘Like a habit you mean?’ she said a little unsure.

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Remembrance Day

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2016
I was on a call with Barry earlier this evening over in the barn (my office) .. it was COLD!! It was about 8pm UK time, so dark and cold and frosty outside. I was rubbing my hands together and hoping around while on the phone to try and keep warm. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself :)

I got a text from Susan a few minutes later saying that Eliza had been sick and was crying hysterically for me to put her to bed (I put my little princess to bed most nights).

As soon as the call was over I rushed back to the house and up to see Eliza. She was very hot and a little out of sorts. After I sang her the two songs that are part of her bedtime routine (Everything’s Rosie and I’m Coming Home) I held out my hands for our nightly prayer. ‘Bit cold Daddy' she said and she wanted to keep her hands under the blankets in the warm and hold hands through the blanket. I was struck by the fragility of her skinny little body and wondered how she was strong enough to fight off...
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Team Chicken

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2016
In January 2016, John Maxwell and 250 John Maxwell Team coaches went to Paraguay to instigate leadership change within the entire country. It was an epic project. By the time we left a week later, we had collectively trained over 15,000 people. The project was so large that when John met the Pope a few weeks back, 'Transformation Paraguay' was one of the things he asked John about. You know it’s a big deal when it hits the Pope’s radar!

Each day we would meet up with a translator and a driver and go out to a company or school or government building and train their people in John’s leadership principles.

I paired up with Eric on the first day, and it worked so well we worked together for the rest of the trip.

Our first gig was at a big chicken factory. It went really well and we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

The next one was at a market .. it went really well too. We patted ourselves on the back all the way to the next one at a cheese manufacturers .....
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When do you let go?

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2016
When I was 19, my best friend and I decided we would spend a few months travelling the east coast of America. We’d fly to New York, then travel down to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, possibly all the way down to the Keys .. and then back up again.

If we stretched our money out, we were hoping we’d last up to 3 months, before having to come back home.

I phoned Larry at his work ‘Great news!’ I said, ‘I’ve found flights to New York for just £70 each.’

‘That’s fantastic!’ he said, ‘who are we flying with?’

‘Well, the flights are with BA, but there’s a catch ..’

‘What’s the catch?’ he interrupted impatiently.

‘We can’t take any luggage!’

‘Why not?’ he said.

‘We’ll be couriers. We book the flights through TNT and they use our baggage allowance for cargo. We just have to hand some documents to a representative and we’re done!...
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Hope, Heart, Help & Humor

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2016
A few months ago, I was on stage speaking to 3,400 people at the International Maxwell Certification live event, and one of those people was Charlie Wetzel. Charlie has been John C. Maxwell’s writing partner for over 20 years and so, he probably understands John the Communicator better than anyone else in the world!

After I came off stage, I went back to the staff tables and sat with Susan. ‘Look what I got!’ she whispered in my ear as she waved a business card in my face.

‘What is it?’

‘It’s Charlie’s business card,’ she said.

‘I’ve already got his details’ I said a bit puzzled.

‘No, look at the other side!’ she smiled.

On the other side were four barely legible words scribbled in faint, black biro.

‘What does that say?’

‘Charlie thought you might find this useful,’ she said. ‘He told me that when he first started working for John, John wanted more stories in his books. So...
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2 Starving Mature Students, desperately seek work

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2016
If you looked at my CV, you would never know, but if the truth be told, I have some lost years between leaving school and becoming "responsible"! In fact, at least 6 years if we’re being honest!

I told my parents I knew what I was doing but honestly, I had a misplaced sense of confidence that was not based on anything other than it enabled me to carrying doing what I wanted.

I was nearing the end of this period of bumming about when I decided I really wanted to go travelling. I worked out I needed about two thousand dollars for 4 months, including travel and visa costs. My target was to survive on about $70 a week, but I wanted enough for $90 or $100 ideally. (This was a LONG time ago kids!)

I wasn’t really employable and so it was difficult to just get a job to earn the money. I couldn’t ask my parents for more money because I was too proud (even if I wasn’t, I would guess they wouldn’t have given it to me anyway)

So I was kind of stuck. How was I going to...
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Your body doesn't think intellectually

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2016
It’s a familiar pain.. When I drink something cold .. or hot .. or breath in deeply when I’m outside .. I get a horribly uncomfortable feeling in one of my teeth on the left side of my upper jaw.

I’m dreading what work might be required and I’m hoping that it just goes away on its own. But it’s been a few days now .. and it’s not going away on its own is it?

I really don’t like going to the dentist .. emotionally I mean. Intellectually I know it makes sense but my body doesn’t think intellectually! It’s probably as a result of my childhood .. too lazy to take proper care of my teeth, so I had a lot of fillings when I was young.

But they didn’t give you injections on the NHS 40 years ago (National Health Service), so if you needed a filling, they just did it! And I needed lots of them.

I can vividly remember gripping the arm rests in Mrs Peacock’s dentist chair as she drilled away with an evil smirk on her face! (Ok, so I...
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Intuition without experience is dangerous ..

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2016
For the last few years I’ve been getting preventative physio – every week I go to physio so that I don’t get injured .. or at least so that I have longer spells without being injured. As a consequence of going so regularly, I have some great conversations with my osteopath (for my american friends: think chiropractor).

In today’s session we were talking about intuition, and particularly, the process of learning to be intuitive.

My mind flashed back to being 8 or 9 years old and going over the gravel pits everyday with the other kids from our road. We spent literally hours and hours every day, for years .. throwing stones!

We threw stones at everything. We put things in trees and threw stones at them. We threw stones at things we really shouldn’t. We had competitions to see who could throw stones the furthest.

Throwing stones was a key part of our lives. In fact, social status was determined by how well, how accurately and how far you could throw stones.

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Moves In Mysterious Ways Indeed!

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2016
Reminiscing about the ‘old days’ over the weekend, I remembered something that happened to a friend of mine about 10 years ago.

Things had been going ok for him, but then he got the opportunity to invest in a business that was a gonna be a game changer for him financially!

He was ecstatic.

Then someone pipped him to the post.

He was sad.

Then he had an even bigger and better opportunity within the business. He invested £100k for a big share.

He was ecstatic again .. even more so than before.

As time went by though, he realised that all was not as it had seemed. His money was as good as lost.

He was devastated.

After months, the business agreed to pay him back the £100k.

He was ecstatic one more time.

But the money didn’t appear.

You guessed it .. he was sad. And he was angry.

Eventually, the money was repaid to his account.

When he looked though, the same amount that he’d invested was not returned.

He’d invested £100k at a time when the exchange rate...
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Deceptive in its simplicity

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2016
We are sitting in our hotel room in Antwerp after having just finished up 'A Day About Leadership' event in Belgium with John Maxwell. It was a great event. John was on fire as usual!

At the beginning of the day, John asked how many different countries were represented in the audience of around 300 people.

Twenty six!

People from twenty six different countries in one room, all there to learn about leadership and take back what they learnt to their countries.

I had a real feeling of pride to be associated with an organisation that was so multi-cultural.

Then John asked how many people in the audience were John Maxwell Team coaches. Over 50% of the hands went up.

‘Do you know that there are JMT coaches in over 140 different countries around the world?’ he said.

Again, a real feeling of pride and wonder at the enormity of the reach of the JMT.

Then he said that his not for profit organisation, EQUIP, has trained over 6 million leaders around the world in EVERY SINGLE country of the...
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