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Simply glow...

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2016
I’m sitting in the Virgin lounge at the airport waiting for Susan to finish her Duty Free shopping. That girl loves to shop! Whenever we travel, her goal is to the airport 4 hours before the flight leaves, so she has time to get round ALL the shops!

While I’ve been sitting here, drinking cappuccino after cappuccino, I’ve been thinking about all the wonderful opportunities this business has brought us and all the wonderful people we’ve met over the years.

Back in the 90's while I was travelling around South East Asia for 8 months, and meeting a wonderfully eclectic mix of travelers from many different countries, someone said to me ‘Everyone’s nice when you get to know them!’ And I have to say, I have really found that to be true.

One of the nicest and most inspiring people I’ve met was back in 2007. After a fantastic event, I had the opportunity to sit next to Michael Beckwith at a VIP Dinner. If you don’t know, Michael is...
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Get down on your knees and play

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2016
It’s 6am Thursday morning and I’m having a cup of tea (hot tea!) watching the rabbits dig holes in my lawn. I love my mornings when the house is quiet, everyone’s asleep and my mind is free to go where it wants. I keep thinking ‘I must shoot those rabbits, they are causing chaos!’ but I’ve had a shotgun for 5 years and never fired it once. They are a pain, but we live in the countryside, so I guess we’re sharing our land with them!

Tomorrow morning early we are off to Orlando for the biggest International Maxwell Certification event ever, and for some time, my mind has been filled with ‘perfect preparation!’ But the day before we leave is always a sobering experience because the urgency and intoxication of preparing my pieces of what will be an unbelievable training gradually gives way to the realisation that we will not see our four beautiful children for 12 'sleeps'.

They will be with our Nanny who they have known their...
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Keep going .. Keep growing

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2016
On Monday morning, Master Ian turned up as normal for our boxing session.
‘How did you get on yesterday?’ I asked him.

‘Fantastic!’ he said, beaming.

‘Did you get it?’ 
He had his final assessment for his 7th Dan Black Belt.
‘I got it!’ he said, unable to hide his delight.

‘Congratulations, that’s fantastic!’

Thirty-six years after first getting a black belt, this was an extraordinary level of achievement, representing a lifetime dedicated to training and teaching.

‘What sort of age are the other 7th Dans typically?’ I asked.

‘Older. A lot older.’ he said.

‘Does that mean you are a faster learner?’

‘No .. I just started younger!’ he said ‘and I kept going.’

And isn’t that the way of success in just about any area? Work hard and keep going. You have to go through a process of growth and the sooner you start, the sooner...
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Worse things happen at sea part two...

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2016
The story continues ..
So Paul, Kelly and Susan, with me in a portable hospital bed, were kicked off the boat, put into an ambulance and then had a 20 minute white knuckle ride across Jamaica to the hospital. (Interestingly, in Jamaica, other road users don’t move out of the way for ambulances like they do in the UK - even with lights flashing and sirens screaming!)

When we got to the hospital we had to pay a $5,000 deposit, then they set about doing all the required tests.

About 4 hours later, a big, jolly Jamaican doctor came to see me. ‘You know they say LIFE begins at 40?’ he said to me with a smile.

‘Yes?’ I said

‘They lied!’ he laughed ‘PROBLEMS begin at 40!’

‘Actually, there’s nothing seriously wrong with you.’ he said ‘The PET scan is good, your heart is good, blood pressure is excellent. But you’ve had too much sun and you’ve got heat stroke .. too much to drink,...
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Worse things happen at sea...

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2016
‘Do you wanna do steps again in the morning?’ Paul asked as we finished a great meal, somewhere in the Caribbean just off Haiti.
‘Sure .. seven thirty?’ I said

‘See you then.’

Paul and Kelly went off to their room and we went to ours. It was the first cruise Susan and I had been on, and the cruise ship (the biggest in the world apparently) was a spectacular ‘city on the ocean!’

The next morning I was up early, so I grabbed a Starbucks and watched the sun come up over the sea from the 17th floor. Absolutely beautiful. 6,000 people on the boat but almost no one about.

At 7:30am we started doing steps – Paul’s favourite method of exercise. It’s simple really, you go to the bottom of the staircase and walk up to the top. Then you go back down again and come back up again. And you keep doing this!

After 30 minutes of trying to keep up with Paul I had a strange tingling sensation in my left arm. ‘That’s...
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The Week In Summary (and everything is about ME)

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2016
Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the stories. Are they helping you to see your own stories in everyday life?

Susan said to me yesterday, ‘We’re already up to 20 something stories, what are you going to do when you run out?’

I said ‘That’s the whole point of the emails, to show people you can’t run out, stories are literally everywhere, you just gotta look!’

She just said ‘Oh.’

And, if I’m honest, she didn’t look convinced, kind of like, ‘Let’s have this conversation again in a month!’

And that leads me nicely into:

Speaking Tip No. 9 – The more stories you work on, the higher the chance of you having a few good ones! Quality comes from quantity .. eventually!

Today’s story will make you laugh, or cry, or both! But before we get to that, let’s have a quick look at this week’s stories:

Yesterday’s story was The Smokers Club, Wednesday’s story was No...
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The Smoker's Club

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2016
It’s funny how we have a feeling of invincibility when we’re young, isn’t it? I used to smoke like a chimney and I never gave a thought to the impact it had on my health. Now, many years later, I feel bad if I don’t cut the fat off my bacon properly!

I remember, as a smoker, going out for a cigarette one day, while I was working for a French bank in the City of London. I stood and chatted to the other smokers and shared a joke or two with an eclectic mix of the company’s employees. Same faces every day, same time every day, from secretaries and mailroom staff to head traders and executives.

I remember Clive came out to talk to me while I was asking a bond trader if he invested his own money as well as his clients. (He didn’t!) As we walked back inside, Clive said, ‘People say smoking is antisocial, but you know more people than I do and I’ve been here 10 years longer.’

It was an interesting thought that smoking was a club,...
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Sally & Ronald

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2016
‘Why do you think cars are a waste of money?’ my 10-year-old-teenage daughter asked me (I call Amelie that as she is so beyond her years)

Is she too young to understand the difference between depreciating assets and appreciating assets? I thought .. hmmm .. I’ll give it go...‘Well, if you can enjoy spending your money on things that go up in value over time, rather than things that go down in value over time, then you’ll always be getting richer.’ I said.

‘What goes up in value?’ she asked quizzically.

‘Homes, rental properties, investments, pensions, companies’ I said, trying to make it sound interesting.

‘And what goes down in value then?’

‘Pretty much everything else!’ I said. ‘A car that costs let’s say one hundred pounds will probably only be worth 40 or 50 pounds after a few years. The longer you keep it, the less it’s worth.’

‘Well, why did you buy...
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Challenge & opportunity are two sides of the same coin

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2016
‘That was adequate!’ Master Ian said as we walked out of my office onto the drive after an exhausting 70 minutes of boxing. I was absolutely dripping with sweat and completely exhausted.

We stood on the drive chatting as he put his equipment back in his car. Then the front door to the house opened and out walked our two boys, followed by Eliza and then Amelie. Susan was taking all four kids to our Nanny’s for the day.

One by one they got in the car and then Eliza marched around stamping her foot in a tantrum. ‘NO I’M NOT GETTING IN THE CAR!’ she said most emphatically, to no one in particular.

‘Why doesn’t she like the car?’ Ian asked

‘Oh, she’s not that great with transitions sometimes, if she’s doing something she likes, she doesn’t want to stop doing it, even if the other thing is something she likes too.’

While we were talking, Amelie walked up to Eliza, held her hand and said softly...
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Life is beautiful

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2016
Oh my goodness, what a weekend! We’d just got back from picking up Susan’s new bicycle (yes, we’re on a new health kick!) with about 30 minutes to spare before I needed to join the Get Good First Speakers Club live call.

‘There’s something wrong with Jake!’ Suzanne, our nanny said, as we walked through the front door.

‘What do you mean?’ Susan said. I grabbed my briefcase and went over to the barn (my office).

When I came back in the house 5 minutes later, Susan was on the phone ‘Ok, I’m bringing him in now!’

Jake and Amber are our dogs. Brother and sister Rhodesian Ridge Backs, we’ve had them since they were 8 weeks old and now at ten and a half, they are knocking on a bit, Jake much more so than Amber.

By the time I finished my call, I rushed back into the house to see what the latest news was, I must say I feared the worst.

‘They think it’s his liver.’ Susan said. ‘We’ve got...
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