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Using his ‘SpeakerPro’ philosophy as the foundation of his teaching, Roddy uses a structured approach to modeling the world’s best speakers and communicators to help anyone develop a powerfully persuasive presentation and to systematically develop the confidence that comes from being properly prepared.


Roddy believes that the ability to stand up and speak in front of other people is such a valuable skill, that everyone should spend some time becoming comfortable in front of an audience. No matter where you are starting from, expert speaker or complete beginner, Roddy’s aim is simply to help you take a quantum leap in your speaking ability.  This is absolutely going to impact every area of your life: it's a skill everyone can (and should) improve on.

Roddy’s razor sharp focus and ability to create meaningful connections and content is both his strength and his passion.  His expertise lies in taking complex ideas and concepts, breaking them down into practical and thought-provoking blocks and presenting that very same information in an exciting, learnable and inspirational way. This accelerates not just personal development, but also results!

Roddy has always been passionate about creation. Whether it’s side-splittingly funny comedy, an edge-of-your-seat story that transports you to another time and place, a beautifully hand crafted piece of furniture, or the accumulation of wealth - our ability to create and conceive new ideas, things and thoughts is a gift from God .. that we all possess. As a young boy, Roddy was obsessive about creating wealth and he has always been intrigued about why some ‘make it’ and others do not. As he developed in his chosen corporate career, he became disillusioned with that path and shifted his focus to creating inspirational content, speaking, teaching and coaching.

As a life-long learner, his interest in psychology and studies of cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy (DCHyp, PDCBH, MBSCH) has not only increased his understanding of human nature, but has meant his clients experience real and meaningful changes in how they speak, think and feel! Now a multimillionaire entrepreneur, he proudly serves as a faculty member for the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, an international team made up of amazing individuals – certified teachers, trainers and coaches. He is honored to mentor an elite group of coaches from within this team from all over the globe. He has shared the stage with many of the personal development ‘greats’: masters such as Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Mary Morrisey, and most notably, John C. Maxwell his personal mentor and friend. Through his highly sought after one-on-one mentoring, corporate training, teleseminars, workshops, and various online programs he continues to help others achieve their potential and see their true worth.

His golden rule - in all his dealings, both personal and business – is: to be all you can be – for yourself, for your fellow man and for God.

Roddy lives in Jupiter, FL with his wife Susan, and his 4 wonderful children – they are without doubt the richest blessings in his life.


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Communicating is not just about words. We need to think about our body language, tone, and pacing. How we feel impacts the way we speak. Struggling to find the right content makes us ineffective. Great speakers know that becoming an exceptional speaker isn't just an art - it's a process with many essential elements.

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