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I’ve worked with, shared the stage with, and been mentored by some of the very best speakers in world, and I can promise you, it’s a lot easier to learn from them than it is to try and work it all out for yourself! As well as learning from the best, I’ve also worked 1-to-1 with 10,000+ speakers just like you. That has given me a wonderful opportunity to see what works really well for most people!


“I have had a front row seat to watch Roddy impact people and help them discover their voice. His experience and understanding of how communicators connect with people is second to none.”


John C. Maxwell - New York Times bestselling author, leadership guru, and speaker.


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Communicating is not just about words. We need to think about our body language, tone, and pacing. How we feel impacts the way we speak. Struggling to find the right content makes us ineffective. Great speakers know that becoming an exceptional speaker isn't just an art - it's a process with many essential elements.

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