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Sometimes you need a wingman

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2016
Here's Friday's story!  
Fairly early on in my speaking career, I was speaking at an event with Christian in front of about 170 people. It was a high ticket event. The people there had paid over ten thousand dollars to be in the room and we wanted to make sure we did our best!

My slot was the graveyard shift – two hours after lunch!

In the morning, Jay was speaking on stage for her first time. She had 10 minutes. She also wanted to do her best and so she had been practicing for weeks.

In the lunch break, Jay came up to me and said, ‘could you give me some feedback on my presentation?’

‘You did a great job’ I said, ‘lots of great information, very confident.’

‘Any tips for what I can do to improve?’ she asked, feeling pleased with herself.

‘The one thing you could do that would make a big difference’ I said, ‘is to put some space in between the different sections of your speech. You were talking...
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Oh gosh, I am so bendy

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2016
9:30am and the door bell rings. ‘Morning Stephanie!’ I said as I gave her a hand to carry in the various matts and blocks and yoga paraphernalia that she brings with her each week.

We had wanted to do yoga for years but could never quite fit in going to classes in different halls or clubs at specific times. And then about four months ago, one of our friends told us that her yoga teacher did home visits, so we thought we’d give it a go.

‘How are you two?’ she said smiling at us each in turn as she laid out the mats by the big glass doors that look down the garden.

‘I was hoping you weren’t coming today!’ Susan said, not feeling in the least yoga-erly.

‘Oh, so I’ll go easy on you today then!’ she grinned.

Susan and I sat on our mats facing Stephanie, and began the breathing exercises to start the class.

‘Oh, I have to tell you’ I said excitedly ‘I am making progress!’

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Kind word of a stranger

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2016
‘Ok guys, listen up .. for the rest of the day you’ll stay in your groups, so decide now whether you want to go with the Chicken Littles, the Intermediates, or the Insanity group.’

Well, I didn’t hesitate, straight into the insanity group. We’d run many Turning Points before, and I loved the ropes course element in the middle on day 2. As we self selected and lined up in our groups, BJ said counting the Insanity group ‘Some of you guys can go for the Extreme Inanity experience if you want, as we’ve got a few too many of you.’

Once again I jumped straight in and went off with my Extreme Insanity team mates.

Our first element was what Paul calls the Stupid Thing – it’s a 60 foot high structure with various ladders and ropes and cables, you climb up one end and then make your way over the 200 foot distance from one side to the other. I’d done it before, but this time we walked to the other end of the Stupid Thing to start....
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