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5 Steps To Go From Public Speaker To Pro Speaker

Mar 26, 2022


For an ordinary speaker to reach professional prowess, they have to adopt an audience-centric outlook which surpasses their message and information, and strive to connect with their audience through dynamic delivery. Professional speakers are responsive and versatile, which means being prepared for anything that could happen. It’s not about the message alone; but how the speaker’s message will change in the hands of the audience or as they cope with unexpected problems. Speakers must adapt to this dynamic dialogue between themselves, the audience, and a little inference from circumstance; the key to doing so is preparation, no matter how far along you are on your speaking journey. 

A public speaker might be confident, have a powerful message in mind, and know how to respond to their audience, but freeze when they forget what they’re going to say, or panic when someone leaves the room in the middle of their presentation. Professional speakers, however, have enough experience and preparation to have reached another level of speaking–where they can always communicate and connect with their audience, despite anything that may happen. 

Bob Gove encapsulates this versatility in one quote, “A pro is at their best regardless.” Regardless of anything that may impede your presentation: forgetting what you want to say, someone coughing, walking out, a whole crowd walking out even. The speaker has to adopt ‘the show must go on’ philosophy. But how does an ordinary speaker progress to this point of bulletproof delivery that defines professional speaking? 

1. Avoidance

The majority of people loiter at this lowest level of speaking. When they get the opportunity to share something in front of people, they cower away from the idea of public speaking. Avoidance is the first rung to climb if you want to connect with people and add value to their lives.

2. The Information Dump

Simply sharing information with your audience will not help you effectively deliver your message. Even if you are clear on what you want to say, and you are confident in your message, how will you lead your audience to the destination you have in mind? The information dump doesn’t incorporate any connection with the audience. If they just wanted information, they could go to Google!

3. Delivery

The way speakers share what they want to say is important. It’s not just what words you want to deliver, but how you deliver them–through your voice, body language, and facial expressions.

4. The Audience Experience

At this point, the speaker moves from a competent delivery of their message to adopting an audience-centric perspective. They shift from presenting a monologue to engaging in a dialogue with their audience – letting the message sink in, reading the room and adjusting accordingly, and leaving space for the audience to think. A professional speaker will be cognizant of the weight of their pauses as well as their words. They adapt to their audience, rather than focusing solely on the delivery of their speaker-centric message. 

5. Connecting No Matter What

A professional speaker has a relentless ability to deal with distractions. They have an element of flexibility that comes from experience, but also constant preparation. With an effective delivery that can work through all sorts of unexpected changes and problems, you can create a powerful learning experience for the audience. Great speakers change would-be disasters into opportunities for deeper connection with their audience. 

The key to unlocking this ability is preparation. Work through these levels of speaking in training, so you can cope with any eventualities when you are in front of an audience. Consistent preparation eventually yields the flexibility needed to be a great communicator. 


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Communicating is not just about words. We need to think about our body language, tone, and pacing. How we feel impacts the way we speak. Struggling to find the right content makes us ineffective. Great speakers know that becoming an exceptional speaker isn't just an art - it's a process with many essential elements.

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