So, you're ready to take your speaking skills to the next level...

I am excited you are taking this next step in your speakers journey.

I know, for me, sometimes I just want that extra one-on-one help to move forward. We will be working together to craft your most powerful, most meaningful, most impactful presentations ever! Choose any of the options below and you'll be part of my SpeakerPro online academy, and my exclusive online community.

Let's review the options you have if we work together:

All include access to the 12 part SpeakerPro curriculum. This curriculum is the basis of every story and anecdote you'll share and is the foundation for all subsequent teachings. You'll have access to this forever.


SpeakerPro VIP:

If you want more access to me personally, and a more intense speaker training experience - getting further, faster - this is the one for you. I ask a lot from this group, so please only commit if you are prepared to do the work and have time in your schedule to devote to it. 

The coaching starts with a discovery call with me (90 minutes) where we'll outline your goals and determine your skill level. We will have 12x private sessions (45 minutes each) - there will be a virtual SpeakerPro class (via Zoom) every week, and you'll have access to the 12 module SpeakerPro curriculum. You are able to choose the schedule of your private coaching beyond 90 days if you wish.

Approximate time commitment per week: FLEXIBLE (dependent on how far and how fast you want to go)


SpeakerPro Flex:

This option is for you if flexibility is important. You'll need to dip in and out of your training and you're not sure exactly how much 1 on 1 time you are going to need, so you'd like to pay by the hour. The first discovery session is for 90 minutes.

Approximate time commitment per week: FLEXIBLE


No current slots for SpeakerPro Go & SpeakerPro Plus at this time.

SpeakerPro Elite Private Coaching

Private one-to-one speaker coaching overview
For instalment plans please contact [email protected]



Program length: FLEXIBLE

Discovery Session: YES

1 to 1 sessions: YES/ 12

Video Critiques: YES/ 12

Group Virtual Sessions: 12

12 module SpeakerPro curriculum: YES

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Program length: FLEXIBLE

First Session: 90 minutes

1 to 1 sessions: YES

Number of sessions: FLEXIBLE

Video Critiques: FLEXIBLE

Group Virtual Sessions: N/A

12 module SpeakerPro curriculum: NO


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