When you have to get really good, really fast ...

Ready to take your speaking to the next level?

Speaking is something you are probably already pretty good at. But if you want to get really good, really fast, then SpeakerPro Private Coaching might be for you.

I’ve worked with, shared the stage with and been mentored by some of the very best speakers in world and I can promise you, it’s a lot easier to learn from them than it is to try and work it all out for yourself. As well as learning from the best, I’ve also worked 1-to-1 with around 10,000 speakers just like you! And that has given me a wonderful opportunity to see what works really well for most people.

How can we work together on your speaking? Well, there's two basic options:

They both include access to the complete SpeakerPro Framework. This curriculum is the basis of your entire presentation - every story, every joke, every facial gesture .. everything that you say as well as how you say it and what you do while you say it. It's the 'how' and the 'why' behind holding the audience's attention while you make powerful, relevant points, in an impactful way, that create lasting change!

You'll have access to all the resources forever. 

SpeakerPro VIP:

It is amazing how much progress you make in 90 days if put your mind to it! SpeakerPro VIP is 12 sessions (typically weekly) where together over zoom, we dig into you, your life and your story and turn it into the magic that will breath life and soul into the message that you want to communicate to the world - whether it's a sales presentation, a job interview or a signature story.  

Of course we'll cover body language, structure, influence, rapport, credibility and all the normal things you'd expect from a professional communications program, but the magic that  will separate you from every other speaker is using your life experiences, whatever they maybe, to establish your credibility, connect with the audience and create a powerful experience that they will never forget!

The coaching starts with a discovery call with me where we'll outline your goals and determine your skill level. We will have 12x private sessions typically via Zoom (45 minutes each) - there will be a virtual SpeakerPro class (via Zoom) every week, and you'll have access to the  SpeakerPro Framework.  

SpeakerPro Flex:

This option is for you if flexibility is important. You'll need to dip in and out of your training and you're not sure exactly how much 1 on 1 time you are going to need, so you'd like to pay by the hour. The first discovery session is for 90 minutes. After this you can decide if you need more and either pay as you go or jump into SpeakerPro VIP


No current slots for SpeakerPro Go & SpeakerPro Plus at this time.

SpeakerPro Elite Private Coaching

Private one-to-one speaker coaching overview
For instalment plans please contact [email protected]



Program length: FLEXIBLE

Discovery Session: YES

1 to 1 sessions: YES/ 12

Video Critiques: YES/ 12

Group Virtual Sessions: 12

12 module SpeakerPro curriculum: YES

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Program length: FLEXIBLE

First Session: 90 minutes

1 to 1 sessions: YES

Number of sessions: FLEXIBLE

Video Critiques: FLEXIBLE

Group Virtual Sessions: N/A

12 module SpeakerPro curriculum: NO


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