So, you're ready to take your speaking skills to the next level...

My consulting services are by application only. I'd love to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

If you are serious about improving your speaking skills, I'll cut right to the chase - it is hard work.  Rewarding yes, but it is hard work. While my area of expertise is teasing the best content and delivery from you - I expect a great deal from my private clients.  There's no "quick fix", but if you put the work in with me, you'll see results!


Book a “Speaking Unstuck” session.

I offer 50-minute, 1-on-1 appointments. Prior to our call, I will spend some time reviewing your submitted materials in order to maximise our time together.  You can buy here.


Looking for group or general keynote/content creation, or story crafting guidelines?

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A personal note.

Whether you are a speaker looking to up level your delivery or content, or a complete beginner that has a story to share but finds the idea of public speaking terrifying .. I get it. I have been that guy having panic attacks and anxiety.  I have been that guy struggling to come up with great content.

I've now worked with thousands of individuals and watched tens of thousands of speeches over my career.

We think speaking is a 'natural talent' and when we find it hard to get up to speak, or to find the right words to say - it is all too easy to feel dejected.  To feel like speaking is not for you.


Have you struggled with...

We all have speaking hurdles to overcome. I think I may have heard them all, and I have definitely had to work through all these myself!

  • “How do I get over the fact I hate the sound of my voice?”
  • “I want to speak from the heart, why does preparing feel so unauthentic?”
  • “I have some good content but how do I put it all together in a keynote?”
  • “How do I quit my bad habits on stage? (swaying, 'umming' and 'ahhing' - all that good stuff)
  • “How do I get in front of audiences and get paid to do it?”
  • "Can I use notes?"
  • "How funny do I have to be?"
  • and the ever popular "But I don't have a story!"


3 reasons I think you might need my help.

  • You really need faster results:  it's important to you that you move forward with your goals as a speaker right now, and you want to follow a proven pathway with as few detours as possible.
  • You need a new perspective:  you honestly don't know if what you've got works.  You need another pair of eyes and ears on your delivery to tighten it up, make it more efficient, make it more memorable.
  • You need someone you can trust:  you feel vulnerable or unconfident stepping out as a speaker. You want the privacy of working on this with someone that respects where you are, but will still push you to where you want to be.


Don't believe the hype…

I definitely am not a natural born speaker :) No one is. Anyone that tries to sell a magic speaking formula, or 30 minutes to a killer keynote is either living in cloud cuckoo-land or is lying.

Having worked with, partnered with and observed some of the very best speakers in the world - as the saying goes "the audience don't know how hard they work to make it look that easy!" Every word is crafted. You are watching hours and hours of preparation, endless rewrites, and a dogged determination to bring their absolute best to every stage they have the honor to speak on.

So please, take heart.  You can do this!   Whatever time you have, if you can devote time to being a better communicator it'll be time well spent. And you have to start sometime, somewhere, so why not now?

For years I worked a very safe, very well paid job in the city of London. When I started to become more interested in public speaking - I had to juggle a full time job and a young family.  I felt like each moment I devoted to improving myself was time well spent, but it was really hard. We all have busy lives, so I want to optimise my time and yours.


Let's do this!

I am genuinely passionate about the power of public speaking - and the impact a well honed message can have.  I want to help people change the world through their words!

I want to help you change the world through your words.


Click here to start the process of working with me.


P.S. – I am not able to take on as many private clients as I would like, so I do ask every one to click the link above to fill out a short application form so I can see where you are, what you need, and if we will be a good fit. 



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