Speaking IS Influence!

Feel more confident, better prepared + well on your way to sharing your story with the world (and get paid for it!)

Virtual Event | Saturday September 19, 2020 | 9AM - 3PM Eastern Time. Lifetime Access for all attendees!


7 Secrets Of The World's Highest Paid Speakers

Learn what John Maxwell, Les Brown, Nick Vujicic, Rachel Hollis, Tony Robbins + all the other big money speakers know about connecting + moving an audience to buy, in person + virtually.

During this interactive, fun + informative day, we will take you step-by-step through:

  1. How to create instant impact that lasts
  2. The exact time you start to build trust + why it’s so important
  3. The number one way to establish credibility
  4. Behind-the-scenes tips on how to eliminate noise + distractions
  5. Exactly how you remove doubt… + create certainty
  6. Why + how you should deliver value (hint: overdelivering is underrated!)
  7. How to create urgency so your audience takes action

Using the SpeakerPro Framework™, you’ll discover the key to effective communication + unbelievable influence. The highest paid speakers + communicators all use the tips + techniques we’ll share during this workshop.

You will walk away feeling more confident, more prepared + well on your way to sharing your story with the WORLD, + getting paid for it!


I'm all in...

Meet your guide... Roddy Galbraith

Roddy has worked with some of the biggest names in the business (John C. Maxwell, Les Brown, Bob Proctor to name a few) not only heading up their speaker training, but creating frameworks and methods unique for their brand. There's no one like Roddy in this business, as he insists on putting trained eyes and ears on his clients - and has watched and critiqued over 10,000 different presentations, from people just like you. This gives him an incredibly unique perspective and insight into what works and what really doesn't!

What the day will look like...

Virtual, hand-on, intensive and intimate!
Saturday September 19, 2020 | 9AM - 3PM Eastern Time.

We’ll practice, in real time, your delivery + work on using powerful body language to bring your message home.

COVID-19 changed the world, + it’s not going back. So now your communication has to be as good (or better) virtually as it is in person. Don’t get left behind in these fast changing times! Virtual influence is a special skill (+ different to speaking in-person) so don’t worry, we’ll cover BOTH aspects during the workshop.

This entire day will be live + interactive. Roddy Galbraith + his team will be coaching + helping you in real-time, using chat + video + breakout sessions to maximize our time together.

Can't make the day live? Can't attend all the sessions? We know you'll want you to come back to this teaching again and again, so a recording of the day and all the exercises will be available as a digital product for all the attendees!



Our Guest Speaker!

We are thrilled to share a very special guest interview with Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan recorded especially for this session! Teresa's story will inspire you, and you'll come away feeling encouraged to take your next steps as a speaker, even if you feel uncertain.

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